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"I am LOVING the videos!! I meant to only watch one a day, but I have been watching multiples! These are SO EASY to do (which is I'm sure the whole point!) And I keep saying to myself "Oh yeah! Of course that works!

- Kristy

video course purchased

“Amy's soothing voice and professional demeanor immediately put me at ease as we begain using hypnosis for my objectives. Her visualizations really helped me relax in a way I never experienced before. I am now able to quiet my mind. She also recorded the hypnosis sessions for me to listen to which helped me even more. I would highly recommend working with Amy. She's a gifted healer."


4 hypnosis sessions 

overthinking & anxiety


"Ive been struggling with anxiety my whole life and those videos were very calming and helpful.  I now slow down my breathing when I start getting anxious and I have more control. The videos are only a few minutes each and anyone can benefit from them. I am going to gift my friend with them too. Thanks Amy!"



 Video Course Purchased

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